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Because your home deserves
a second chance

Bathroom Renovations

Create a functional and beautiful bathroom that fits your needs and budget

Kitchen Remodels

Craft a kitchen that reflects your style and enhances everyday living

Additions + Expansions

Invest in your future with an expansion that adds value to your home

New Construction

Witness your vision come to life, brick by brick, with a custom-built home

Commercial Projects

Build commercial spaces that empower businesses and communities

Structural Repairs

Secure your property and peace of mind with comprehensive structural repairs

Exterior Solutions

Refresh your home's look with a new deck, new windows, or new siding solutions

Historical Restorations

Preserve the integrity of your historical home and return it to its former glory

Custom Projects

Add unique features to your home's interior and express your unique style

Trust Redeemed Building with your construction or renovation project. Because every home deserves a second chance.